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Daniel is one of our volunteer organizers with BOSS Dodgeball League and has always been a great leader and coach to our players. We have relied on him to observe players in action and provide feedback, and he has taken this on with tremendous enthusiasm while providing positive and constructive advice to each player. Personally, when I wanted to improve in a specific area of my game play, I felt that Dan was very patient and methodical in the way he understood my circumstance, intentions, and relevant details about my workouts and nutrition before he provided his recommendation. His recommendation would often be focused on balance and control and this approach had very beneficial impact on not just my performance in sports but also in improving the efficacy of my normal workouts. I would highly recommend Daniel as a personal trainer!
Angus Liao

Dodgeball performance coaching

Daniel was one of my Alumni coaches for the badminton team in high school (2012-2014). He was very supportive, encouraging, and motivating. Throughout my whole experience, Daniel has helped me a lot. He was one of the Alumni I look up to because he showed such a great example to follow and learn from. Not only was he an impressive badminton player that time, he also had a positive attitude and a strong mindset which had a beneficial impact in my life. Daniel made sure I was doing the right techniques when doing drills, pushed me whenever I felt like giving up, and inspired me to become a strong and fit athlete. I admired him for that. With his support and guidance, I was able to reach Provincials and bring a medal home 3 years in a row. If he could help me with my goal to bring a medal home, he definitely has the potential to help you with yours too. I was very fortunate to come across a coach like Dan. I would recommend him to anyone because he always has your best interest in mind.
Merline Joey Mangaron

Athletic development and badminton-specific coaching

I had hit a plateau after coming back from injury, slowing working on recovery however wasn’t sure where to go to improve. Someone introduced me to Suraj telling me he specialized in rehab and strength conditioning. After a short discussion and where he can help, I decided to try a short trial session with him to see if he can help. He helped me in many ways. Worked on my form, introduced me to new types of exercises (some he tells me he thought it up for my particular injury) and helped me figure out my eating habits. He took the time to make suggestions in how I ate without that many changes that I could work into my habits. After seeing results in a short time, I renewed my sessions with him to see where he can take me. I lost 7% fat in a short few months and saw definitions in my body which I hadn’t seen in before I started with Suraj. After working with Suraj in a few months and combined it with other therapy, I was able to do more things which I hadn’t been able to do before. I picked up kayaking, walked farther (which due to my injury, couldn’t before), I was just able to do more. I find myself stronger and my cardio better. Suraj is someone that cares and takes the time to want to see you succeed.
Tony Wong

Rehab and strength after injury

I met Suraj in mid-April 2019 and he took the time to understand my health history and concerns, and also took into account my fitness goals for the dragon boat season. While he has never paddled the sport, he was proactive in research and developing a specific program that would focus on getting me ready to compete at the national level in just 4 months. To start with, I had very little upper body strength, poor shoulder stability, and weak core and legs, all critical to paddling. He took me through the foundations of weight training, with an emphasis on proper form and injury prevention. I was taught hypertrophy, strength, and power phases, which helped improve my stroke and strength in the boat all season. Something that had been intimidating all my life quickly grew into a satisfying activity, and I began to look forward to progress each session! Not only does Suraj always show up ready with a smile, encouragement, patience when explaining or demo’ing a new exercise he concocted to confuse my muscles, he knows when to push me and help me reach PR’s, and also understands the human quality of life’s successes and setbacks.
Joyce Tai

Boat season strength and conditioning

Robert Jenkins Client
With over 45 years of fitness training, I have had my share of experiences with Personal Fitness Trainers, Physiotherapists, and Kinesiologists. Suraj Gurung stands out as one of the finest I have ever worked with.  Suraj is a focused, energetic, attentive, and positive individual whose attention to detail is superior to those of his peers. He demonstrates a level of maturity, confidence and focus of someone well beyond his years.  He also takes the time to tailor the training to each individual’s needs, ever analyzing and adjusting thus ensuring to maximize the time he has with you for a terrific workout that shows results.  Patient, Educated, Motivated, and Caring. What more can you ask for. But don’t take my word for it, Experience his Personal Fitness Training yourself. You will not be disappointed.
Robert Jenkins – Major Retired RCAF

Terrific workout that shows results

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